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Saturday, January 10, 2004
sorry this is posted so late

Happy Thanksgiving! yeah! i am finally out of bootcamp! its my first holiday as a navy Sailor and i am sitting in an airport all by myself. I took days of local leave in chicago and Adrian, dad and shane stayed and hung out with me! yesterday we went and hung out in downtown chicago. it was awesome. We had breakfast at ihop and checked out the stadium. Then we went to the sears tower. I got a stainless steel shot glass. We all took a picture and dad bought one for me. Adrian and i looked really cute with our beanies and scarfs. I missed her so much. It was awesome to hang out with her...i wish she was going to college i would make her come to school and live with me in FL. maybe ill get stationed in hawaii and she can go to the University. She is my best friend...i need her close!

After the sears tower we went for a walk on the navy Pier. i saw the ball room where they have the navy ball every year. i remember at bootcamp senior chief was all dressed up and he was going to the Navy Ball. Walking around in down town chicago was really cool. All that was missing was the snow. So many people were out starting their Christmas shopping in their pea coats and gloves and scarfs. They have a lot of really big shops there. They have a starbucks and a wal-greens on every corner almost. We had a Chicago style hot dog at wieners circle. I would never have thought that i would ever crave a wienersnitzel hotdog. When i left home the smell of it alone made me sick because when kevin worked there he always smelt like it after work. I really dont care for the tomato on your hot dog theory. NO THANKS. We had pizza the night before and it was really good. It was a deep upside down pizza. There was a layer of sausage and then cheese the sause was on top. Eating all this civillian food made me sick. I thought i was gonna be sick by the end of the night but i fell asleep before it got too bad. I cant wait to get all the pictures that dad took.

Dad and Cindy got me a brand new lap top for my graduation. It was really special cuz dad told me, "you deserve this!" Usually i am just spoiled and thats why i have so much but he made a big point to let me know that he thinks i earned it :) it feels so much better to know i have somthing to help me stay in touch and stay organized. There are so many web sites that have info about the navy and alot of the classes are online too. Plus this way i can still have a lot to do with my finances and responsibilities at home.

Betty passed away last week. Its really shocking to me. I dont think it will hit me until i go home. When i bought my military pictures i thought about her first. I told myself i needed to get a larger picture for her so she could see it easily and I was gonna buy a frame so it could hang on her wall in her room. She was so cute when i told her i was joining the navy, She said, "Well good for you! You'll look so damn cute in the uniform." Much love Betty! Now you can see me in them everyday!

Crytologic Training Center

Today was my first day at "A" school. We got here last night at 2 o'clock. Originally they took us to the the wrong naval base. The barracks on the base were all in doors and they were georgous. Then they brought us to this base. This base is all the Crypto kids. I feel like i am in Harry Potter. All the Intelligence People are together away from eveyone else. Just like all those kids went to school with only other wizards. Hahaha! Whats cool about this base is that I can walk out of my barrack and i am outside. There is a grass court yard and two smoking huts. At least i dont have to cross a quarter deck to get outside, Last night Forsyth (my room mate) and i were out there talking to people at like 3 am.

The barracks are pretty cool, We have a walk in closet that you need an access card to get into and we have drawers and a TV hutch that locks up. Then we have two beds and one bathroom and a frigerator and microwave. We were supposed to be at Muster this morning at 7 o'clock but by the time we woke up they were already up so we just went back to sleep. We werent even on the list. we woke up at 1100 and went to the Naval Exchange and bought hangers and cleaning supply and starch and all that fun stuff for our new little house. Tomorrow is the after Thanksgiving sale so we are gonna go buy some bathroom rugs and towels and closet organizers and maybe do some Christmas shopping. We get payed on Monday but I had a really expensive phone call with Kevin the other night so I have to be careful. My national plan wont be on my phone untill Tuesday so i am paying 79 cents a minute everytime i use it, OUCH! We spent the rest of our time unpacking and getting situated. We have to wait until Monday to get our internet connection, :( We have liberty on base until monday and then we have 2 weeks where we are in uniform even when we are off base. After two weeks we gwt to wear civillian clothes. Everybody all over base is in civillian clothes. I cant wait to get off base and get my nails done. The NEX on base is like a mall. They have a garden store and a clothing, like a JC penny and then they have the comissary and there is an electronics and furniture store. We havent been to the galley yet. We slept thru breakfast and lunch and then we had subway for a late lunch and dinner, In fact i am gonna eat the rest of my sandwich right now! Midnight snack. i miss my midnight snacks with Kevin, We have a freezer i think i am gonna have to buy some ice cream, dont worry ill make sure its not fattening,

I am going to bed now!

"Taps, taps, all hands turn into your racks...maintian silence about the ship,"

november 29, 2003

How many Rules can we break in one day?

Forsyth and I got up at 0700 to muster at 0730. I ran back to my room, put my pajamas back on and crawled into bed. Something about being cold and having still warm pajamas and a warn bed next to a heater made me decide that it was not time to wake up. Pretty soon i will be waking up to go to school at seven and at 0430 three days a week to PT. (physically train) Forsyth didnt go back to bed for a while but at one o'clock i woke up and took a shower and she was in bed again with her open book at her side. I curled my hair and did my makeup and woke her up. We had planned on going to the NEX (Naval exchange) for the Thanksgiving sale but we made a stop at the smoke shack. Larsen (Jeremy) was there and he was going to the mall so we put on our dress whites and shared a cab to Cordova mall. That was exciting. unfortunately we didnt put our defense pins on our jumper tops. (first rule broken) So here we are...in our dress whites without off base rights. (Second broken rule) When we got to the mall we went straight to the food court since forsyth and i have yet to make it to the galley. We had Sbarro's Pizza! That is all i ate today and i am gonna kick myself in the ass because i am already back to my old eating habits of eating one meal a day that is not very healthy. We are gonna go to the galley tomorrow. Bruggman (guy from 002 division) told us that they make whatever omelets you want right there in front of you. Last time i had that was at the Flamingo hotel in Vegas like 5 years ago. Sounds good to me.

Let me tell you a little about Jeremy. He is in the Choir here at Corry Station. He is entertainment, let me tell you! he was singing disney songs and imitating all kinds of voices. He did a really cute Stitch of when he is knocking down the city. He has a degree in Theatrical music. Later in the day he informed us, although it was obvious, that he is bi-sexual. We were walking thru the mall and i mentioned getting my nails done. Joking around, i said, "lets all get our nails done." Jeremy said, "you know i really need a manicure!" He is my new best friend! Jo (Forsyth) went and shopped while i got a full set and Jeremy got a manicure. I am so excited to have my nails done. It was so funny cuz jeremy had clear polish and he was all bent cuz he messed up the polish. HAHAH! So we walked around the mall and Jo got some new clothes and we both boiught underwear. 3 for 10 dollars plus 20% off for military. They are really cute! next went walked over to structure and picked out an out fit for Jeremy. Oh my god. i wanted to buy a sweater for kevin so bad but i am gonna wait until he comes out. Too bad kevin would never wear a complete outfit from there. Ill never forget when i finally got kevin to wear a fitting pair of jeans and a nice sweater...very handsome. Over an hour later jeremy had a really nice outfit. He got a button up brown and a tan shirt with think and thin stripes. He had a tan V-neck sweater on top with the cuffs of the shirts folded over and the tail hanging out the bottom and a dirty washed pair of Jeans.

We met up with one of Jeremy's buddy's (straight cute boy) hahaha His name is Derek, aka Kool-Aid, and he said he was gonna give us a ride home but we had almost an hour before he was leaving so we went and got some smoothies and took pictures in a photo both. They came out really cute. Jeremy is a dork he reminds me so much of Ciaccio, but not so immature. He is just really cute until he opens his mouth and then your like....ummm okay he is gay,....hahahah! We came back to base and put on civillain clothes ( i think that is number three) and we went to this coffee shop but it was more like a coffee club. first of all its really weird to walk into any place and have people smoking. Its actually really groose for maintenance. This was an old tore up place with beat up carpet from all the ciggarettes. Basically like an old vegas bar. So you walk in and there is a coffee bar and you can buy ciggarettes and sodas. There was a few tables down stairs but people were just sitting on the floor and the stairs. When you went upstairs they had a dark computer room that was all set up for counter strike. It was pretty much all military people and anybpdy that wasnt military was a total gothic or punker. weird mix huh? There was another room that was just card tables and it was really dark in there too. Then there was a room where Kool-Aid was painting a wall. He is really talented. he showed us this child safety book that he is illustrating. He is just out of high school too,,,i think thats pretty cool. The room had sofas on the other three walls and it was a movie room, There was one more room but i didnt go in there. Kool-Aid was telling us that he will create tatoo's and i told him what i wanted. its not like the picture i have at home but i am definately gonna get this one. He drew it on the side of my back with thin sharpies. it looks so rad. We took a picture of it so hopefully i will get it on this site soon. Right now i am writing and saving it in my desk top becasue i cant get on the internet yet. I love it...i am gonna keep it on as long as possible and then i can make sure i like it. I think i want it over a little bit but at least i knew that before i did the real one.

Jo and I had to be at muster at 1100 so Kool brought us back and we ran to our room and put on our up utilities and made it on time to muster! Can you say professional?


okay i am not even gonna write a lot today cuz i am sooo tired, Jo is sick as a dog and this morning she threw away her key to the room. Today was our frisrt day of work here at Corry Station but it was basically running around the base getting things signed and all checked in. We got to wear our working blues so that was kind of exciting. We found out about our security clearances and classing up and basically i found out i am probaly gonna be here for a lot longer than 18 weeks and a lot of it is gonna be on "holding company" which means we get to do shit around the camp while we wait for enough students to fill up a class. Okay so we had to muster at 0830 tonight and so i put on my pajamas. We have a room inspection tomorrow so i was cleaning and ironing my utilities becasue i have a personal inspection and i had my room key in my wallet...my wallet was in my rain jacket and i hung up my rain jacket and closed my closet. So here i am 15 before muster in my pajamas locked out of my closet where my uniform is...ugggghhh!!!! Luckily one of the roovers had a master key but it was still a crazy crzy day! i am nervous about the inspections tomorrow...hopefully forsyth doesnt leave somthing open and we get a stupid hit. I cleaned really good...but we could accidently leave somthing off spot in the morning. I hope not! Good night

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003
6 days until I leave!

Shane called me at 4 am this morning and left a message on my cell phone saying that he was in chicago and that it was 7:30 there and he was bored...lol...maybe I will have to call him in the middle of the night next time i am bored...hahah!

I found out this week that I might not have a break in between bootcamp and "A" school. My parents are gonna have to ship everything I am gonna need. To bad that means I actually have to pack everything i am gonna need. I have a lot of things i need to do. I am hoping i get to come home for Christmas and then hooker is going to drive with me to florida so she can see "her" Kevin! lol That will be fun and then i can have my car! Wahoo! 

I am starting to get nervous about all of this. I am excited one minute and the next minute i am questioning myself. Bottom line is that Orange County is my home but it will never get me what the Navy is gonna get me! I get to travel, go to school for free, have health insurance, meet people and make more money than any job in Westminster is going to be able to give me. I have cried at least one every day since my last entry. Yesterday i cried three times. One time this week I cried becasue i heard a country song about kids growing up another  time sombody was an ass, i think i might just need to cry...who knows...maybe now i wont cry at bootcamp! i kinda wish that i could just leave and not have to pack or worry about my party or anything. But then i kinda wish i could stay longer and make sure i say good bye to everybody and I could have money to have a really good party!

Today is my last day at work...Chris the PT is supposed to bring me flowers. Guys always ruin things, it would have been better to not know!! Now i will be sad if he forgets..hahaha!

Renee said she is going to come to my party on Saturday! Thats really cool! I hope i get to see everybody and that it is fun and nobody starts crap. i dont want shane to say anything to Kevin...and I dont want Jonathan to say anything to Kevin. i dont want Nick and OCMW to start crap. I think it will be okay! Dick is comming...that is exciting...he can make anybody have fun.

Well i gotta go to work now! BLAH!

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Saturday, September 13, 2003
10 days until bootcamp!

I enlisted in the United States Navy on August 27th and was scheduled to leave for bootcamp on August 24th 2004 as an HM (Corpsmen) I got a call on Monday September 8th and was offered a seat as a CTR (cryptology tech) leaving September 22nd! Well I leave for the Navy in 10 days...I will be in San Diego on the 22nd until the 24th when i will arrive at bootcamp in Great Lakes IL. I cant wait for bootcamp to be over...I am glad i am getting that over with and i dont have to wait a year! My tech school will be in Pensacola FL. Hopefully by the begining of November! Its gonna be like going off to college except I know my dad isn't gonna be sitting at home crying about the tuition payments...hahaha! He will probaly being at home laughing...so happy that both of his kids are almost out of the house~ hahaha 

I am keeping this journal so that all my friends, family and pen pals can read about my new life and respond as well! PLease feel free to comment and keep in touch! i want to hear from everybody that i love, and will miss, in California! Personal email's and comments will be responded too. I hope :)

Thanks for everybody's support...
<3 always, BRAN

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